The UK Luxury Replica Panerai Submersible Bronzo Blu Abisso Watches For Sale

When it launched in 2011, the cheap fake Panerai Submersible Bronzo PAM 382 wasn’t the world’s first bronze watch. Other brands had done it before, including the erstwhile Gerald Genta line with its Gefica Safari. But from the moment it was released, the Bronzo, perhaps simply by dint of its name, became the most famous one.

For Panerai, taking a material practically synonymous with classic maritime equipment and fashioning a watch from it seemed like a no-brainer, even if, in the august halls of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, the notion of a watch deliberately made to tarnish seemed quizzical.
Think about all the companies releasing watches in precious alloys devised with stability in mind. Panerai itself has Goldtech, a rose gold alloy made not to change over time. The Bronzo is on the other side of the spectrum. It’s supposed to look gnarlier and gnarlier the longer you wear it. When you buy one, that’s what you want. And yet, at retail, the consumer trying one on expects to and take home a pristine example, that all of the patina the watch accrues is his or hers alone. This must present certain challenges at the sales counter, one would think. Still, the Swiss-made copy Panerai Submersible Bronzo has tended to be a fairly limited model and I’d imagine many of them sold swiftly to end clients. I wonder how all those OG Bronzos look now…
The first Bronzo, a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, became one of the most sought-after PAMs of the early 2010s. It was, as you’d expect of a Panerai Submersible, a Brobdignagian 47mm in diameter. Between the release of that original Bronzo and 2019, Panerai released four additional versions, including one unique piece, the PAM 907. What they all had in common was the characteristic 47mm size.

As you have may have already read on HODINKEE, this new Bronzo is a bit smaller – 42mm to be exact, with an overall thickness of 14.37mm. While it’s no small watch (we’re still talking about Panerai here), 42mm is a world of wearability away from the Bronzo many of us have grown accustomed to. While I can see Paneristi bemoaning the downsize move, I can also see a lot of civilians who might have otherwise balked at a 47mm cushion now give the Bronzo a chance. And given the success of bronze watches in smaller sizes from a range of makers, including Oris, why shouldn’t Panerai offer one too?

Ten years after the original, the Submersible Bronzo is back in the form of the Bronzo Blu Abisso, limited to 1,000 pieces per year. The Panerai replica with blue dial features a dial in a soft matte tone of blue that I would call royal blue. It’s matched with a blue suede strap that works from a color coordination standpoint, but that you are probably not going to want to think about getting wet. (Instead, you’re going to switch to the blue rubber strap that Panerai thoughtfully includes.)

You might recall that the most recent Bronzo, from 2019, featured a bezel with ceramic insert, in keeping with the general design direction the Submersible collection took that year. The adoption of ceramic put the Submersible on strong footing alongside other dive watches using ceramic inserts. Now for 2021, the original matching bronze bezel is back in all its glory, resulting in a monochromatic bronze appearance. The watch we have here is brand new, but if you live near the ocean or a place with a balm in the air, you can expect the patination process to transform the character into something else entirely.
Bronze watches are supposed to patinate in ways that are unique to wearer’s lifestyle and location, but generally speaking, the result tends to be a darkening of the case and perhaps the accumulation of verdigris if you really let it go. Google “Bronzo with patina” or “bronze watch with patina,” and the wide range of what can happen becomes apparent.

You might think this external layer of corrosion was the sign of a material decomposing from the outside in, but the reality is a bit different. When bronze patinates, the crust on top is just that, a surface layer, and it actually protects what’s beneath it from further corrosion. This is why bronze has such a long and famous history in maritime applications.

Flip the luxury copy Panerai Bronzo Blu Abisso over and you see that not all of the watch is actually bronze. You get a sapphire window onto the automatic P.900 movement and a titanium caseback. The P.900 is the renamed OPXXXIV, a smaller and thinner automatic movement used by Panerai in some of its smaller watches. It offers a full three days of power reserve while running at a conventional rate of 4Hz (28,800 vph).

I’ve said it many times before, but when it comes to movements being designed these days, I want and expect three days of power reserve. A lot of us like to switch out our watches from time to time, and knowing that you can take a watch off on Friday after work and come back to it Monday morning without having to reset it feels like baseline user-friendliness.

Despite the open back and the use of multiple materials in the case construction, this is a true tool watch and diver, every bit a proper Panerai Submersible.
On the wrist, 42mm works for the Blu Abisso. Believe it or not, I don’t think I’d want a Panerai Submersible – much less a 42 mm copy Panerai Submersible Bronzo – to be any smaller.

The dial’s lively royal blue tone feels made for summer, and it also lends the watch a unisex quality.

I like this watch a lot, and it has me wondering if the Bronzo is making a brief detour to this smaller size or if we can expect subsequent Submersible Bronzos to bring this smaller form factor as well. Time will tell.

INTRODUCING: Same shape, different recycled materials. UK replica Panerai take sustainability to the next level…

Panerai fake maintains a strong focus on sustainability. This is expressed through the construction and metallurgy of their replica watches, right down to recycled materials for their fabric and leather straps. Their new fake Panerai Luminor Marina eSTEEL™ for sale is the latest example of this valiant endeavour. Throw in Panerai’s generosity in making their own research publicly accessible and their strong contribution to worthwhile causes and there’s an awful lot to admire. But we still want to see new designs from the masters of elegant tool watches.

I will start with an open letter to CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué:

Dear Monsieur Pontroué,

I sincerely love the quality of Panerai, and the journey from über-niche, via Stallone to peak noughties stardom. But still, every year and at every watch fair, I sincerely wish for something NEW. I’m not taking anything away from what this year is a laudable wish to be on the cutting edge of sustainability with the Luminor Marina eSTEEL™, I’m applauding the eco-focus, lacking in most ateliers – this is a serious need.

But, what I yearn for is A NEW SHAPE, any new shape. Just imagine, the beautifully matte green or blue sandwich dial of a Radiomir, with gilt hands, in a round case of 39mm with an 11mm thickness. Not a cushion case, no wire lugs, no massive Luminor crown guard with a big lever and not a Submersible tank. I wear shirts, slim ones. If you do this you can sign me up. This is what we need for Panerai to have a skyrocketing return to greatness. Consider this me respectfully imploring you.

Le Time+Tide journaliste Norvègien

OK now on with the review, because actually there’s a lot to like with Panerai’s latest…
The new Luminor Marina eSTEEL ™ range.
Material geeks and eco-warriors, rejoice! Yes, the high quality copy Panerai is pushing forward with their focus on sustainability, shown previously in recycled carbon fibre composite cases, and now the most important material, Steel. The brand’s new eSTEEL™ is proof of the eco commitment within the company, a commitment generally lacking today – except for outliers like Chopard – and sorely needed. Some 89g of the Luminor Marina eSTEEL™ components are made of recycled-based materials, which is 58% of the total weight of the watch. Both case and dial feature the new recycled steel alloy.

The demands on developing eSTEEL™ are manifold. The requirement is that the new material meets the same rigorous standards demanded of the normal 316L steel cases that preceded it. eSTEEL™ exhibits the identical chemical behaviour, physical structure and resistance to corrosion as a non-recycled alloy. What’s more, Panerai are happily sharing this technology in an unheard of act of sustainability with a heart, as they believe this needs to be implemented across the board.

Back to my introduction, and yet another small prod despite my grand applause for eSTEEL™, the 1:1 quality replica Panerai Luminor Marina is the jewel in many a Panerista’s collection, in fact many have several, so there is not much new to see here, except a well known damn tough exterior with its delightfully large crescent crown guard and a large (actually still cool) lever to open it. Within lies the in-house Calibre P.9010, a superb 3-day power reserve movement that has a charming quick set-hour hand for easy adjustment when you travel. The depth rating is, of course, 300 metres as befits a tool with the stature of the Luminor Marina, but you have already seen where the eye is drawn to here, and despite the fact that I lament the size of the 44mm x 15.45mm case, the dials are absolutely gorgeous, and on point for 2021.

The dials are degradè but without the usual distribution of colour and also feature the year’s colour of the moment, green. In short, they are absolute knockouts. The PAM01157 Blu Profondo has a deep degrade dial that fades vertically like the ocean depths, from a powder blue at 12, down to a deep navy mystery at 6. Replete with the charming small seconds at 9, sandwich construction and a new pop of eSTEEL™ logo.
The PAM01356 Verde Smeraldo has that deep olive 2021 colour up top, descending to a beautiful deep moss green at the base of the dial, a colour that works well with the sandwiched Super-Luminova in white, the strong sword hands and the broad polished bezel.
As a formal and elegant conclusion to this trio, the PAM01358 is a sharp, monochrome grey dial that becomes near black at six o’clock, a calm understated wrist presence on its recycled fabric strap. All watches also comes with a black rubber strap for a more tool-like presence.

The Swiss movement copy Panerai Luminor Marina eSTEEL™ collection, price and availability:
The Panerai Luminor Marina eSTEEL ™ is priced at $8,700 USD on a recycled woven fabric strap in matching colour to the dial, and includes a black rubber strap. Available from October 2021.

UK Luxury Fake Panerai’s Latest Luminor Marina Gets All Dressed Up in Platinum

Panerai’s flagship Luminor collection turned 70 last year, but the festivities aren’t over yet, as made clear by the debut of the 44 mm fake Panerai Luminor Marina PAM1116. The sleek, tuxedo-style watch draws attention to the Swiss watchmaker’s metallurgical expertise and carries the same “70-year warranty” introduced on select models during 2020’s “Year of Luminor.”

Housed in a 44 mm cushion-shaped case made from Platinumtech, a proprietary alloy that endows the noble white metal with greater hardness and resistance, the watch is the product of copy Panerai’s R&D division, Laboratorio di Idee, which has been busy in recent years perfecting a range of “tech” materials, including Goldtech, Carbotech and Fibratech.
While Platinumtech requires a highly specialized and labor-intensive manual polishing process, the payoff is a cool, silvery sheen on the case that all but screams luxury. Paired with an olive green dial with satiné soleil decoration, Arabic numerals and indexes in beige Super-LumiNova and a date at 3 o’clock, this exclusive edition of the green dial replica Panerai Luminor Marina—available in just 70 pieces—isn’t just another pretty face.

The high-performance movement that powers the model, the self-winding Caliber P.9010, designed and developed entirely by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is a thing of beauty in its own right. Equipped with a rapid adjustment system that can move the hour hand forward or backward in increments of one hour, independent of the minute hand, it has a three-day power reserve and is water-resistant to 5 bar (approximately 50 meters or 164 feet).

The cheap Panerai replica watch comes on an alligator leather strap in dark brown with ecru stitching. At the time of purchase, the customer is invited to choose a second strap, which is part of the package, along with a screwdriver for changing and removing the Platinumtech trapezoidal buckle.

The clone Panerai Luminor Marina Platinumtech, which is encased in a black lacquered wooden box with the luminescent Luminor Marina logo on the lid, retails for $36,900.

AAA High-quality Fake Panerai Submersible Carbotech™ PAM00616 Watch UK For Men

For those who are die-hard Panerai fans, or those with wrists capable of taming a 47mm watch, the brand’s 1:1 best fake Submersible in carbon is a really neat timepiece to explore. With such a large size, it’s fabrication in metal can result in quite a heavy watch – and heavy does not always translate well for daily active wear. With the brands proprietary Carbotech™, wearers can enjoy a more lightweight solution from the brand without sacrificing the robust reliability Swiss made replica Panerai has built its name on.

47MM Replica Panerai Submersible Carbotech™ PAM00616 Watch

The Carbotech™ bezel and crown guard has a wavy vertical brush to it, while the case and lugs have a more of a circular brush. This is really interesting to see as, more often than not, carbon watches harness the material’s irregular natural pattern. This shows Panerai’s extensive fabrication capabilities with the material, giving it a more defined and intentionally detailed look.

Waterproof Fake Panerai Submersible Carbotech™ PAM00616 Watch

The black dial of the watch is warmed by sage-toned fauxtina lumiscent coatings. The vintage vibe is then countered with a modern bright blue running seconds hand and register as well as its Carbotech™ printed text above the sixth hour marker. On its rubber strap, even the Panerai logo is rendered in a matching blue – freshening the watch up with a subtle youthful energy.

Swiss Movement Fake Panerai Submersible Carbotech™ PAM00616 Watch

Beneath its solid screw-down titanium caseback, the watch features a double-barrel P.9000 movement that will run for about three days. The watch, as expected from Panerai, is highly water-resistant. It is capable of reaching depths of up to 300 metres and its iconic crown guard ensures it does not take in moisture or water on even the most daring of adventures.

Waterproof Fake Panerai Luminor Base UK Sale Online

The perfect replica Panerai Luminor Base features a hand-wound Panerai OP I calibre, with a 56 hour power reserve. It’s designed it Italy, but made in Switzerland.

Black Dial Fake Panerai Luminor Base Watch

What the expert says:

“Panerai’s chunky, cushion-shaped watches are a modern cult phenomenon and one of the best investments you can make. Panerai has a fantastic collector base and, even if it’s just to make a slight change, every model is limited, so whatever Panerai you buy will become a collectable soon enough.”

– Simon Sutton, Director at Watches of Knightsbridge

Best Replica Panerai UK and Bucherer team up again

The limited special edition for Bucherer Blue reflects Swiss watchmaking expertise combined with Italian design genius and fake Panerai’s maritime heritage. The sophisticated technology of a precision instrument with the masculine ruggedness of its black ceramic case is paired with an understated elegance and cosmopolitan flair thanks to the new GMT function, one of Panerai’s most popular travel complications.

A true highlight of the black dial fake Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer Blue and a world premiere in Panerai’s history is the Super-LumiNova® coating that radiates in electric blue in the dark. The exclusive Bucherer Blue touch is also included in various subtle details on the timepiece: the small seconds hand, the GMT hand and the stitching on the strap have all been accentuated in electric blue. The rubberized blue crown is also a Bucherer Blue exclusive feature. The numbered case back adds an additional touch of exclusivity to this durable and functional timepiece.
Panerai has strong associations with the colour blue, which reflects its maritime heritage and the timepieces the company has created for different types of marine activities. To honour and maintain this legacy, Panerai is developing new, environmentally friendly products under the Panerai Ecologico label, such as both black rubber strap copy Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE made from recycled PET bottles and a recycled ABS packaging shell, underlining the Maison’s commitment to sustainability.

Watch Sylvester Stallone Show His 5 Luxury Replica Timepieces Headed To Phillips Auction In NYC

Recently, we covered a story featuring Sylvester Stallone’s five piece AAA quality replica watch collection that will be heading to Phillips Auction. Stallone sat down with Phillips Watches and went through each piece, telling the background stories and roles that each played on the big screen. The single Swiss movement fake Panerai and four Richard Mille examples that will be cross the block are not just any ordinary high-end luxury replica watches, they are specific pieces that are considered some of the most sought-after in the world. The entire collection is estimated to bring up to $1.9 million.

Each of these best 1:1 copy watches will be auctioned off during the “Racing Pulse” New York Watch auction on Saturday, December 12, 2020. To see the watches for yourself, be sure to scroll down below. To learn more about the auction and the watches included, click the button below to visit

These Three Quality Fake Panerai Watches UK Are like Fine Art for Your Wrist

The iconic watchmaker has been around since 1860, and yet one look at the innovative materials the brand is using today and you’d half-expect it to be from the future.

You might expect a watch brand that’s been around for over a century to be a bit dated, so to speak — but not so for waterproof Panerai replica. The iconic watchmaker has been around since 1860, and yet one look at the innovative materials the brand is using today and you’d half-expect it to be from the future. Take Carbotech for example, which is made from carbon fibers compressed into thin sheets for even greater strength and resilience; or Goldtech’s copper-rich alloy enriched with platinum to prevent oxidation. Each of the three watches below is not only an iconic design but an incredibly precise and well-crafted instrument — the fact that they look like works of art for your wrist only heightens the appeal. Take a look at our top three picks below.

Carbotech Replica Panerai Submersible Carbotech Watch
Fake Submersible Carbotech - 42mm

A testament to the brand’s innovative materials, the uneven, matte black appearance of the Carbotech case on Panerai’s Submersible Carbotech varies according to how the material is cut, meaning not only is each watch extremely lightweight and scratch resistant — it’s also one-of-a-kind. Add to that a black dial with protruding Blue Super-Luminova Blocks to ensure visibility under all lighting conditions — even in complete darkness or underwater — and you’ve got yourself a timepiece you can trust.

Goldtech Replica Panerai Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo Watch
Fake Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo - 44mm

Panerai’s Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo is the first ever to combine Goldtech and Carbotech — two of the watch brand’s most innovative materials — for a design that feels both elegant and athletic on the wrist. The copper-rich gold alloy is bolstered with platinum to prevent oxidation while the Carbotech bezel protects the crystal without adding excess weight. Finally, at 44mm, this model stands out as a rare style that makes a bold statement.

Stainless Steel Replica Panerai Submersible Azzurro Watch
Fake Submersible Azzurro - 42mm

Designed to merge technical performance with elegance and proven reliability, the opaque, marine blue ceramic bezel of Panerai’s new Submersible Azzurro is a reminder that it was built for the sea. The 42mm watch is waterproof down to 300 meters, with interchangeable black rubber and Sportech velcro straps. Best of all, this model is an online exclusive limited to 500 pieces in total — making it a perfect timepiece to add to your collection.

Panerai Pays Homage To Paneristi’s 20TH Birthday With New Radiomir Fake Watch UK

Panerai is celebrating the 20th anniversary of this website with the new Radiomir Venti.

Paying homage to the “singular and authentic presence on the watchmaking landscape,” the Radiomir Venti is sized at 45mm but also stands out for the use of sword-shaped gold color hands, a typical element of the original models.

Additionally, the presence of AISI 316L steel finished with a matte, almost weathered patina on the bezel and case and “VENTI” engraving between the lugs at 6 o’clock pay further tribute to our online store for quality AAA fake Panerai watches.

45MM Fake Panerai Radiomir Venti Watch

The new release conforms to the mechanical specifications of models dating back to the beginning of the brand and now features a manually-wound mechanical movement, entirely conceived, designed and developed by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel.

Water resistant up to 10 bar (about 100 meters), the perfect replica Panerai Radiomir Venti watch is accompanied by a beige strap in calfskin suede with tone-on-tone stitching and a hot-stamped “OP” logo.

In vintage style, it features a trapezoidal pin buckle in steel with an aged patina effect.

The UK Cheap Panerai Radiomir Venti PAM2020 Replica Watches With Matte Brown Dials

Panerai has released the new best fake Panerai Radiomir Venti PAM2020, a 45mm timepiece celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Paneristi online community. Paneristi are, of course, Panerai enthusiasts, and was created just as the brand was returning to prominence in the watch world at the turn of the new millennium. It has since become one of the foremost resources and destinations for all things Panerai and is the self-proclaimed “Unofficial Resource of Officine Panerai.” Panerai has partnered with the Paneristi to create a special (and limited) edition watch with design queues from 1930s Panerai Radiomir models for the hands, the color of the lume, and even the finishing of the matte dial. Featuring a 2000-2020 engraving at six o’clock, this model is limited to 1,020 pieces.

Initial Thoughts
This is not the first collaboration or special commemorative Paneristi watch produced by Panerai. The brand created previous Luminor models for both the 10th and 15th anniversaries of the site. This 45 mm Panerai Radimoir replica watch, however, is different from those previous editions in more than just name alone. The watch features very specific design cues, leaning on a decidedly vintage style, which is not necessarily a departure for the brand. Panerai’s technical and creative team, Laboratorio di Idee, worked with Paneristi to effectuate the final look of the watch.

The cheap copy watch not only pays homage to the 1930s, but also specifically the first Radiomir ever produced. The Radiomir Venti sports sword-shaped gold-color hands (a call back to early models), beige-colored Super-LumiNova, and a brown matte dial. The matte dial is finished in a way to simulate, as the brand puts it, “the effects of time on vintage models that have survived to this day.” Furthermore, Panerai included a “VENTI” engraving between the lugs at 6 o’clock as an additional tribute to the community on its 20th anniversary.
As mentioned, the PAM2020 is sized at 45mm and features an AISI 316L steel case with a matte, weathered patina. Consistent with its military and aquatic history, the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. Inside the case beats the Caliber P.6000, a manually-wound movement developed by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel. The movement features a three-day power reserve. The new Panerai replica watch with steel case is affixed to a beige strap in calfskin suede with tone-on-tone stitching and a hot-stamped “OP” logo featuring a trapezoidal pin buckle in steel with an aged patina effect.
The Basics
Brand: Panerai
Model: Radiomir Venti
Reference Number: PAM2020

Diameter: 45mm
Thickness: 14.15mm thick
Case Material: AISI 316L steel
Dial Color: Matte brown
Indexes: Markers and Arabic numerals
Lume: Super-LumiNova
Water Resistance: 100m
Strap/Bracelet: Leather strap